How It Works

Remember when we were kids and the barter system ruled the lunch room and we traded oreos for pudding cups? Trade Me Catering works just the same, except for grown-ups.  

1. Tell us what you want. We'll tell you if we can do it. 

2. Make us an offer. You may have services or products that would come in handy - you never know what we could use, depending on what we're into at the time. From home renovations to hand crafted art to a cabin to call home for the weekend, We're willing to consider it all. And if you don't have a service or item we're looking for, consider gift cards:

  • To shops we love
  • To restaurants (in Vancouver)
  • For stuff we all need (gas, groceries)

(There are some ideas in the side bar - right over there>>>)

3. Pay a refundable deposit to secure your booking and purchase ingredients. The remainder will be returned to you, along with an itemized breakdown of costs, following your event. 


Shops We Love

COS / Nettle's Tale / Nordstrom / Vancouver Special / Soap Dispensary / Scandinave Spa / Willowstream Spa / Gourmet Warehouse / Ming Wo / Gravity Pope / 3 Singing Birds

Places We Eat & Drink

Burdock & Co. / Bistro Wagon Rouge /  JJ Bean / Mackenzie Room / Les Faux Bourgois / Juke / Matchstick Coffee / Kissatanto / Poke Guy / Alibi Room / Pacific Poke / The Ramen Butcher / Yolks

Stuff We Need

Donald's Grocery / Gas Stations / Costco / High Point Liquor / BC Ferries / Airline points