At Trade Me Catering, we're for long, slow dinners and big hearty laughter. We're for secret family recipes and squeezing in another chair. We're for feeding the people we love and the people you love. And big or small, we're totally into your event. Maybe one of these options will work for you:

Dinner In

Staying in is the new going out, but it’s hard to get dinner on the table and focus on your guests. Trade Me Catering can create a menu, do the shopping, and arrive at your home to deliver a meal that will delight everyone but allow you to spend time with the people you love. 

Happy Appy Hour

Celebrating something special with a crowd? We’re happy to create an appetizer menu of your choosing. We can stay and manage the food or deliver and disappear, allowing you to take credit for a beautiful spread. Go ahead, we don’t mind.

Custom Cocktails

Confession:  We borrowed this trick from some of the most creative bartenders we know. Four cocktails, made to order for your guests, with a printed menu created to fit your theme. Graduation, anniversary, or birthday - we'll mix the drinks, you mix and mingle. 


"I knew I wanted my husband's 40th birthday to be a classy affair, but trying to plan a menu and juggle food prep would have totally stressed me out! Not only did Trade Me Catering go above and beyond my hopes with the menu they planned  - including a cheeky appetizer version of one of his favourite dishes - they managed all of the shopping, prep, presentation, and made sure the plates were full throughout the evening. I was free to enjoy hosting our guests and everyone - especially my husband - was totally wowed!"

(Rebecca, Vancouver, BC)