"Trade Me takes a party to a whole new levelWhat started as a simple birthday cookout for my wife at our favourite campsite became a patio-lantern lit bar with 4 custom cocktails on the menu! Our love of kite boarding was transformed into a kite-themed cocktail menu, printed for our guests to order from. The drinks fuelled an all-night, songs-around-the-campfire birthday party that we'll never forget. And all it cost us was the ingredients and a trade for a weekend at our place in Whistler." (Kristine, Whistler, BC)

about us

Trade Me Catering is a teeny passion project, born from an obsession with creating great food and a deeply held belief that life is best when both table and tummy are full. At Trade Me Catering, we love to create the space that allows you to celebrate, to laugh, to dream, and to eat and drink with the people you love. And maybe we're crazy, but we love creating these spaces so much, we're prepared to trade you for the privilege. 

The plan couldn't be simpler: I cook, you trade me. 

That's it.

Big or small, we're willing to consider your event.

Family dinner? Sure.

Workplace Christmas Party? Why not? 

Campground birthday cocktail party ? Yup, we've done that too. 

Tell us what you want, and what you can offer up in trade. Chances are, you've got something we could use.  (There are some ideas under the "How It Works" tab). 

It's catering you thought you couldn't afford. Trade me.